Established in 2005 is dedicated to overseas employment for the Cruise Line or Hospitality Industry with a concern for working in a transparent environment between all parties involved. We do consider this as a key to ensure a high quality of service whereas proper ethics are sometimes lacking in this specific business environment.

Learned business management from previous experiences concerning employment overseas services of crewing for some cruise lines in the world and supported by professional staff and rely on its area, PT. INTI WAHANA SEMAYA launching out by distribution some employer candidates of Formal sector to some of European, American and Asian countries. Faced with the continuously rising demand for Indonesian Seafarers based on manpower requirements, our company places premium on serving its clients with the highest degree of proficiency and professionalism.

The Company’s main objective is Focused Consulting, Recruitment, Training and Distributing of Indonesian Seafarers primarily for cruise lines. Our aim is to provide our agency, experienced seafarers fully equipped with the individual’s field of expertise, and holding internationally certificates.

This ensures quality of service delivered to the Client. This has been taken place through the untiring efforts of Formal candidates with the purpose of initially supplying Indonesian Seafarers. Thereby it can be assured that the service in this sector may be guaranteed to be satisfactory.

PT. INTI WAHANA SEMAYA has its own culinary and hospitality training facility, BAHAMAS MARITIME SCHOOL and having relation and cooperation with some other Hotel and Tourism Educational Center to produce in ensure the qualified candidates to be recruited.

That is the reason why we have more than enough of Indonesian Seafarers. Our seafarers are not only experienced, well trained and certificated, while we will be supporting you in handling all official arrangements during mustering, selection and deployment etc. Moreover, our financial arrangements are competitive to be considered aiming to the benefit of all concerned.